Thank you for the timely response.  However, I am not quite understanding 
something.  The inode-directory.png file is already present in the gnome icon 
theme.   Why is it not being "inherited"?   Does that mean that the other links 
in gnome will also be broken ie "not inherited"?  I realize this question goes 
beyond Thunar.  Just hoping you might be able to shed some light on it.

On Mon, 2/19/18, Markus <> wrote:

 Subject: Re: [Thunar-dev] Thunar not picking up custom icon folder color
 Date: Monday, February 19, 2018, 1:35 AM
Thunar, in contrast to many other file managers, is using the "inode-directory" 
icon for plain folders - which the theme you linked to is missing.

You can simply execute this in every of the "places/" subdirectory of the theme 
to create the necessary links:

    ln -s folder.png inode-directory.png

If the theme is not picking it up, you can refresh the cache via:

    gtk-update-icon-cache /path/to/DarkPurpy

(will need root permissions if system path obviously)

Best regards,


> I have recolored the gnome icon set to blend with the Devuan ASCII (Stretch) 
> desktop theming.  But there are some glitches that are currently being 
> discussed on the Xfce forum.  The index.theme is posted there as well as a 
> link to download the DarkPurpy icon set:
> AFAICT the generic folder icon is picked up everywhere except in Thunar, even 
> the desktop.  In Jessie, Thunar does see the specific directory icons for 
> home, documents etc.  But the generic folder/directory icon reverts to gnome. 
>  In ASCII Thunar only picks up the the colorized Home icon.
> Xcfe is Devuan's default desktop and I want it to look beautiful.  Does 
> anyone have a clue why Thunar is doing this?   It would be terribly 
> inefficient to have to have to resort to switching out the icons in the 
> complete Gnome icon theme (well over 10mb).  What am I missing.
> Thanks,
> golinux
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