#6005: wheres some commands?
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        Type:  Enhancement  |        Status:  new      
    Priority:  Medium       |     Milestone:  1.2.x.x  
   Component:  General      |       Version:  1.2 Final
    Severity:  Normal       |    Resolution:           
    Keywords:               |   Php_version:  PHP 5    
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Comment (by mark_story):

 As far as a replacement for Model::loadInfo()  use Model::schema().  Sorry
 your app broke, but some changes were necessary to improve things.
 AppModel, and AppController are in the same place they have always been,
 directly under app/.  You are still fully able to use AppController and

 As for making 1.2 more compatible with 1.1, that would break compatibility
 with all the existing 1.2 apps, which puts us in a bit of a bind, doesn't
 it.  Unfortunately API's need to change in order to fix things.  I can't
 think of a project that has never changed its api or syntax.  Its just
 something that happens, I apologize for the inconvenience its caused but
 its something we needed to do.

 If you need some help with the migration process please visit the google
 group or #cakephp on irc.  There are also a few migration guides
 published, with one on book.cakephp.org and others available if you do a
 quick google search. I'm closing this ticket as there are no specific
 issues raised.  If you have a specific issue with an object or method,
 please open a new ticket.  Thanks :)

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