#5751: Ampersand bug in $this->params['pass'] and $this->params['url']
    Reporter:  xbuzz           |         Owner:          
        Type:  Bug             |        Status:  reopened
    Priority:  High            |     Milestone:          
   Component:  General         |       Version:  RC3     
    Severity:  Normal          |    Resolution:          
    Keywords:                  |   Php_version:  PHP 5   
Cake_version: RC3  |  
Comment (by bsweeney):

 I recently ran into this problem on a site I'm developing. The problem is
 definitely with the RewriteRule, because the bug is in Apache. The best
 description I've found was by Matthew
 Essentially, Apache is unencoding ampersands when processing the URL
 through mod_rewrite, and not encoding any output.

 Hard to say how long a until a patch for Apache will be included. And
 should CakePHP rely on that, hack around the problem, or modify the way
 the URL is parsed? Personally the last of the three seems the most robust
 to me.

 In the meantime, I've found that triple-encoding ampersands (%252526)
 seems to work on my install.

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