#6065: sbcglobal.net email validation issues
    Reporter:  soparrissays                                         |          
Type:  Bug       
      Status:  new                                                  |      
Priority:  Medium    
   Milestone:  1.2.x.x                                              |     
Component:  Validation
     Version:  1.2 Final                                            |      
Severity:  Normal    
    Keywords:  Email, Validation, SBC, Global, .net, sbcglobal.net  |   
Php_version:  PHP 5     
Cake_version:                                                       |  
 When trying to validate email addresses via $this->ModelName->save($data),
 if the email address is sbcglobal.net then email validation will return

 I have read that this bug exists elsewhere. I don't think it is CakePHP's
 fault necessarily, but I feel that it should be addressed some how. From
 what I hear, sbcglobal.net has disabled dns lookup, or something along
 those lines.

 I could probably hard code a fix for sbcglobal.net into my code; however,
 I feel that this would be an incorrect approach. Pretty soon all of the
 big companies will do the same possibly. Will we need to hardcode everyone
 in there?

 I am unsure how I should proceed.

 There was one post on the google group with the same issue, and also the
 following link shows that another person has that issue as well (not
 associated with Cake): http://my.galagzee.com/index.php/2007/10/27/att-
 sbcglobalnet-misses-a-beat/ .

 This issue (as far as I know) only occurs with sbcglobal.net

 Thank you,

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