#6060: Http_socket does not handle persistent connections properly
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1.2 Final
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PHP 5    
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Comment (by tcossairt):

 Sure.  I have a cake server that is basically using HttpSocket to get data
 restfully from our backend services, which then formats that data to a
 view friendly XML for our RIA Flex app.

 Some of these RIA calls end up in several calls to the same backend
 service before our code combines the data and outputs one nice XML to the
 RIA.  (Sort of a facade pattern.)  It would be beneficial to have a
 persistent connection in that case (which is the default for HTTP 1.1) so
 that we would not be reopening a connection to the same server for each of
 the calls.

 Looking again, I now see that Cake is defaulting the header to
 Connection/Close, so this really is a performance enhancement like you
 said (although some code comments or an exception thrown regarding setting
 the header to keep-alive would be great :-)

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