#6071: HtmlHelper's escape option wrongly unset
    Reporter:  headache                     |         Owner:           
        Type:  Test Case                    |        Status:  new      
    Priority:  Low                          |     Milestone:  1.2.x.x  
   Component:  Helpers                      |       Version:  1.2 Final
    Severity:  Normal                       |    Resolution:           
    Keywords:  html,link,htmlhelper,escape  |   Php_version:  n/a      
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Comment (by headache):

 Sure, here's a bit more info.

 The following should create a link with an unescaped title attribute
 containing an ellipsis:

 echo $html->link(
         'click me',
         array('controller' => 'users', 'action' => 'login'),
         array('title' => 'to escape … or not escape?', 'escape' =>
         false, false

 However, HtmlHelper::link() unsets the 'escape' option before passing
 $htmlAttributes to _parseAttributes() so the title is not escaped.

 I think that getting rid of the $escapeTitle param and moving things into
 options that can be passed down to other methods, as it appears to me to
 be the reasoning for checking the option in addition to $escapeTitle, is
 laudable. Though, you must consider that the 'escape' option will then be
 doing double duty for both the link text (awkwardly-named $title param)
 and the link's attributes (eg. title, alt, etc.).

 In any case, the fix is to remove this line:


 so that _parseAttributes() will receive the escape option.

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