#6079: Form Helper - DateTime: Providing a YmD for short month
    Reporter:  justinvh        |          Type:  Enhancement
      Status:  new             |      Priority:  Medium     
   Milestone:  1.2.x.x         |     Component:  Helpers    
     Version:  1.2 Final       |      Severity:  Trivial    
    Keywords:  DateTime, Form  |   Php_version:  PHP 5      
Cake_version:      |  
 == Situation ==
 As of Stable DateTime provides a way to auto-generate all forms
 YYYY-MM-DD and YYYY-LONGMONTH-DD, however there is no way to produce a
 short-month form without modifying the form helper.
 == Possible Implementation ==
 '''In the form helper:'''[[BR]]
 Provided another case of 'shortMonth' to generationOptions:
 function __generateOptions($name, $options = array()) {
     case 'shortMonth':
     if ($options['monthNames']) {
       $data['01'] = __('Jan', true);
       $data['02'] = __('Feb', true);
       $data['03'] = __('Mar', true);
       $data['04'] = __('Apr', true);
       $data['05'] = __('May', true);
       $data['06'] = __('Jun', true);
       $data['07'] = __('Jul', true);
       $data['08'] = __('Aug', true);
       $data['09'] = __('Sep', true);
       $data['10'] = __('Oct', true);
       $data['11'] = __('Nov', true);
       $data['12'] = __('Dec', true);
     } else {
       for ($m = 1; $m <= 12; $m++) {
         $data[sprintf("%02s", $m)] = strftime("%m", mktime(1, 1, 1, $m, 1,

 In the function month, provide an optional argument $useShort and a
 conditional for generating the month list:
 function month($fieldName, $selected = null, $attributes = array(),
 $showEmpty = true, $useShort = false) {
     return $this->select(
         $fieldName . ".month",
         $this->__generateOptions((($useShort == true) ? 'shortMonth' :
 'month'), array('monthNames' => $monthNames)),
         $selected, $attributes, $showEmpty

 And finally, in the function DateTime, add another case to the preg_split
 on dateFormat:
 function dateTime($fieldName, $dateFormat = 'DMY', $timeFormat = '12',
 $selected = null, $attributes = array(), $showEmpty = true) {
     case 'm':
         $selectMonthAttr['monthNames'] = $monthNames;
         $selects[] = $this->month($fieldName, $month, $selectMonthAttr,
 $showEmpty, true);
 == Use ==
 echo $form->input('Date.date', array('dateFormat' => 'mDY'))
 == Why Does Cake Need This? ==
 A good situation was my current project that has constraints on document
 size; according to the specifications, I had to fit a date and time
 selection onto a single line. I had to set a width for the select element
 to fit everything on one line (645px document width). The select box for
 the month drop-down looked horrible. It was a perfect size for a short-
 date syntax, but nothing such existed.

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