#6268: 'contain' left my model unbound?
    Reporter:  conrad.leonard       |          Type:  Bug    
      Status:  new                  |      Priority:  Medium 
   Milestone:  1.2.x.x              |     Component:  General
     Version:  1.2 Final            |      Severity:  Normal 
    Keywords:  contain containable  |   Php_version:  PHP 5  
Cake_version:                       |  
 I have 5 models related by:
 Question belongsTo QuestionSet and hasMany (Response, Choice)
 QuestionSet hasMany (Question, ResponseSet)
 ResponseSet belongsTo QuestionSet and hasMany (Response)
 Response belongsTo (Question, ResponseSet)
 Choice belongsTo Question

 In my response_sets_controller 'edit' function I have:

 $this->data = $this->ResponseSet->find('first',array(

 which is great, returns just what I want. Then in my corresponding
 edit.ctp view I have a cached element that requests some stuff from the

         $fetchedStuff = $this->requestAction("/questions/view/".$qid);

 where the code in questions_controller view function explicitly asks for
 related Choices:

         if (isset($this->params['requested'])){
                 return $this->Question->find('first', array(
                         'contain'=> array(
                         'conditions'=> array('Question.id'=>$id)));

 but the first time the element makes the request NO Choices are returned.
 On subsequent requests however (the element is repeated in the view)
 Choices ARE returned. Is this a bug, or some weird scope thing? It
 certainly isn't what I expected (or wanted). At the moment I must
 workaround by manual rebind of Question model after the initial find with

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