#4131: Plugins: useTable property of associated models appears to be ignored
    Reporter:  shamanZA                                                         
           |         Owner:          
        Type:  Bug                                                              
           |        Status:  reopened
    Priority:  High                                                             
           |     Milestone:  1.2.x.x 
   Component:  Plugins                                                          
           |       Version:  RC1     
    Severity:  Major                                                            
           |    Resolution:          
    Keywords:  plugins model association useTable shamanZA phpnut rpeterson 
the_undefined  |   Php_version:  n/a     
Comment (by bcl):

 I have just attached a clean test case that demonstrates the problem. SQL
 for the database is in pluginbug.sql in the top of the archive. See the
 included README.txt for instructions on how to reproduce the bug:

  1. pluginbug.sql should be loaded into the database to use for the test.
  2. Setup the $default connection to point to the database
  3. Install the pluginbug tree under ./app/plugins/
  4. browse to http://yoururl/pluginbug/root_menus/
  5. Observe success
  6. browser to http://yoururl/pluginbug/sub_menus/
  7. Observe success
  8. Edit ./app/plugins/pluginbug/models/root_menu.php to uncomment the
 $hasMany definition
  9. Edit ./app/plugins/pluginbug/models/sub_menu.php to uncomment the
 $belongsTo definition
  10. browse to http://yoururl/pluginbug/root_menus/
  11. Observe failure: Error: Database table sub_menus for model SubMenu
 was not found.
  12. browser to http://yoururl/pluginbug/sub_menus/
  13. Observe failure: Error: Database table root_roots for model MenuRoot
 was not found.
  14. Copy ./app/plugins/pluginbug/models/*.php to ./app/models/
  15. browse to http://yoururl/pluginbug/root_menus/
  16. Observe success
  17. browser to http://yoururl/pluginbug/sub_menus/
  18. Observe success

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