#6284: Aliasing a resultset using model::query() with PostgreSQL does not exhbit
doc behavior.
    Reporter:  eberon     |          Type:  Bug       
      Status:  new        |      Priority:  Medium    
   Milestone:  1.2.x.x    |     Component:  PostgreSQL
     Version:  1.2 Final  |      Severity:  Normal    
    Keywords:             |   Php_version:  PHP 5     
Cake_version:             |  
 == Introduction ==

 The second example in model::query at
 http://book.cakephp.org/view/456/query states that using an alias in a
 SELECT query should return an alias-indexed result set array instead of a
 numerically indexed array.

 == Code ==

 Even using a query as simple as the sample one fails:

 function getObjectsinBounds($bounds) {
                 $results = $this->query("SELECT * FROM facilities AS
                 return $results;


 The resultset is numerically indexed. Using find() on the other hand,
 works fine, because this behavior is automatic for those methods.

 == Expected Behavior ==

 Result arrays should be indexed numerically, then by specified alias name.

 == Effects ==

 This particularly affects my ability to use Javascript::Object to convert
 resultsets into usable and addressable JSON - Object() creates two nested
 anonymous objects with the resultant array.

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