#6285: Sanitize::clean($this->data) breaks Security Component
    Reporter:  michaelc                     |          Type:  Bug      
      Status:  new                          |      Priority:  Medium   
   Milestone:  1.2.x.x                      |     Component:  Core Libs
     Version:  1.2 Final                    |      Severity:  Normal   
    Keywords:  sanitize security clean all  |   Php_version:  n/a      
Cake_version:                   |  
 Introduction: I had this 'bright' idea to sanitize $this->data in the
 app_controller's beforeFilter.  This invariably triggers a black hole
 callback - and I think I know why.  After puttering around, I found this:

 array ( '_Token' => array ( 'key' =>
 '78399c8d84d7465a6e9b357b1738b8a2c7d7c8dc', 'fields' =>
 ), ...[[BR]]
 $this->data = Sanitize::clean($this->data):[[BR]]
 array ( '_Token' => array ( 'key' =>
 '78399c8d84d7465a6e9b357b1738b8a2c7d7c8dc', 'fields' =>
 ), ...[[BR]]

 [[BR]]See the difference?  Me neither...  But!
 Error @ pos 147 DIFF:
 cc3380bc08faa31b53df % 3An%3A2%3A%7Bv%3A0%3
 cc3380bc08faa31b53df % 3An%3A2%

 I've added spaces around the changed content - it was still identical in a
 visual scan until I added a red span around the bad character.  Note the
 shorter length of the second string?  Both go out to 20 chars after the
 error - but I only broke up the first escape sequence with a span - the
 rest display as %.

 Sanitize::clean html entity encodes '%', which Sanitize requires to be
 unmodified in the string.

 [[BR]]Solution?  -- Sanitize clean ignores _Token, or perhaps Security
 component reverses the encoding process, or Security component uses
 something other than % as a pivot which Sanitize::html won't encode

 [[BR]] {{{ $this->data = Sanitize::clean($this->data,
 array('encode'=>false)); }}} is not the type of answer I'm looking for
 here - I'm suggesting that the Sanitization and the Security Component
 play nicely with the default configuration.

 [[BR]]Alternate resolution: If Sanitizing all of $this->data is simply a
 bad idea - suggest that as your motivation for closing it, and toss in a
 thought or two about why.  Some exist.

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