#6301: Change default behavior of FormHelper.input to call the type method (if 
type method exists)
    Reporter:  captainego  |          Type:  Enhancement
      Status:  new         |      Priority:  Low        
   Milestone:  1.3.x.x     |     Component:  Helpers    
     Version:  1.2 Final   |      Severity:  Minor      
    Keywords:  FormHelper  |   Php_version:  PHP 5      
Cake_version:  |  
 I have been working on some form extensions (making pretty inputs for
 social security numbers, phone numbers, zip codes, etc).  Currently I have
 to reimplement the input function in order to get my pretty inputs to have
 the same behaviors as the Form Helper.
 If the Form Helper were to call $this->{type} as the default behavior then
 classes that extend FormHelper would not have to reimplement inputs.
 These classes could just implement the new type function, and pass the
 type to the standard input call to generate all of the wrappings.  This
 change maintains the current default behavior for cases where the type
 method does not exist.
 The code change would be:
 From FormHelper input (line 797):

 case 'textarea':
         $out = $before . $out . $between . $this->textarea($fieldName,
                 array('cols' => '30', 'rows' => '6'), $options
         if (method_exists($this, $type)) {
                 $out = $before . $out . $between .
 $this->{$type}($fieldName, $options);
         } else {
                 $out = $before . $out . $between .
 $this->textarea($fieldName, array_merge(
                         array('cols' => '30', 'rows' => '6'), $options

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