#6406: session helper not working with cached views
    Reporter:  zaptree          |          Type:  Bug    
      Status:  new              |      Priority:  Medium 
   Milestone:  1.2.x.x          |     Component:  General
     Version:  1.2 Final        |      Severity:  Normal 
    Keywords:  session caching  |   Php_version:  PHP 5  
Cake_version:       |  
 so i have some views that are cached and a login system on my website. In
 the cached views i have the following:


         echo 'Logged In';
         echo 'not logged in';

 to test if this worked correct i set the session.timeout to 1 and
 security.level to high so that the session expires in 10sec. After login
 in if i wait more than 10 seconds and going to a non cached page that has
 the same code as above it will show "not logged in" as it should since the
 10sec have passed and im no longer logged in. If i do the same thing but
 go to a cached page though it will show "logged in" even though im not
 since the 10 seconds have passed. If I log in and wait ten seconds then go
 to a non cached page and then to a cached page it will show "not logged

 So obviously the session helper when used in a cached page (in a nocahce
 block ofcourse) it will actually have the values of the last non-cached
 page visited or requestAction used.

 I was able to solve my problem after adding a requestAction in my layout
 for my shopping cart but then what if i didnt have that requestAction that
 refreshed the values of the session helper?

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