#6488: time dropdowns generate a NULL on insert when midnight is selected
    Reporter:  calzone                                 |         Owner:  
        Type:  Bug                                     |        Status:  
    Priority:  High                                    |     Milestone:  
   Component:  Helpers                                 |       Version:  1.2 
    Severity:  Major                                   |    Resolution:         
    Keywords:  form helper time dropdowns null insert  |   Php_version:  PHP 5  
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Comment (by youheiogino):

 I met this bug a few months ago, and found similar trouble in the
 following article in "google gruop archives".[[BR]]
 In this article, Brendon Kozlowski (aka BrendonCoz) said that a bug seems
 to be introduced from his patch.
 His patch can be found here.[[BR]]
 I tried to comment out his 3 lines patch code at "model.php".[[BR]]
 But all TIME value of unselected dropdown menu became "00:00:00".
 So I changed other part at same file.[[BR]]
       foreach ($dateFields as $key => $val) {
         if (in_array($val, array('hour', 'min', 'sec'))) {
           if (!isset($data[$val]) || ($data[$val] == null)) {
 //          if (!isset($data[$val]) || $data[$val] === '0' ||
 empty($data[$val])) {
 //            $data[$val] = '00';
           } else {
             $data[$val] = sprintf('%02d', $data[$val]);
         if (in_array($type, array('datetime', 'timestamp', 'date')) &&
 !isset($data[$val]) || isset($data[$val]) && (empty($data[$val]) ||
 $data[$val][0] === '-')) {
           return null;
         } elseif (isset($data[$val]) && !empty($data[$val])) {
           $date[$key] = $data[$val];
       $date = str_replace(array_keys($date), array_values($date),
 //      if ($type == 'time' && $date == '00:00:00') {
 //        return null;
 //      }


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