#6276: afterFind() called twice / documentation does not match behaviour
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        Type:  RFC                                |        Status:  new      
    Priority:  Medium                             |     Milestone:  1.2.x.x  
   Component:  Model                              |       Version:  1.2 Final
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    Keywords:  afterFind primary data corruption  |   Php_version:  PHP 5    
Cake_version:  8120                               |  
Comment (by deizel):

 Please bear in mind I have done next to no research before posting this:

 Just an observation, but without the second pass it would make it
 difficult for someone to merge two records together in an afterFind()

 I can't immediately think of a solid reason why someone might want to do
 this, but if there was a flag similar to $primary - one could check for
 this during the second pass, and this would remain a possibility.

 Alternatively, the first pass(es) could be scrapped, and the developer
 could implement record-looping himself as is documented:

     function afterFind($results, $primary) {
         foreach ($results as $result) {
             $result = $this->_combineNames($result);
             $result = $this->_calculateTotal($result);
         return parent::afterFind($results, $primary);

 Apologies if I am oversimplifying things here - just food for thought -
 feel free to correct me on anything I have overlooked.

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