#6533: HttpSocket ->post gives preg_compilation error on some cookies
    Reporter:  _leo       |          Type:  Bug    
      Status:  new        |      Priority:  Medium 
   Milestone:  1.2.x.x    |     Component:  General
     Version:  1.2 Final  |      Severity:  Normal 
    Keywords:             |   Php_version:  PHP 5  
Cake_version:             |  
 Using one cake app to talk to another cake app via HttpSocket->post.

 App b (emailqueue) sets the following cookie (or something similar):
 CAKEPHP=h627eampsl0tr3ojul3mpbo9h3; path=/emailqueue

 The calling application's (App a, path=/mapreg) preg fails, giving the
 following error when it tries to parse the cookies:

 Warning (2): preg_split() [function.preg-split]: Compilation failed:
 lookbehind assertion is not fixed length at offset 9
 [/home/me/app/cake/libs/http_socket.php, line 849]

 I am not explicitly setting any cookies, so I can only assume
 path=/emailqueue is set explicitly by cake. As you might guess, both
 /emailqueue and /mapreg have the same base domain - http://me.dev.com

 Cake version:[[BR]]
 PHP version: 5.1.6[[BR]]
 OS: CentOS Linux, 2.6.18-128[[BR]]
 Apache: 2.2.3

Ticket URL: <https://trac.cakephp.org/ticket/6533>
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