#4886: [RFC] TranslateBehavior fallback locale
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    Priority:  Medium     |     Milestone:  1.3.x.x
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Comment (by robwilkerson):

 Apologies for the long delay after saying I was working on this, but I've
 finally had a chance to create (and attach) the patch. Here are the

  * Modified the SQL so that the i18n conditions are not applied to the
 entire recordset, but only to the appropriate outer join. This allows
 records without a corresponding i18n record to be retrieved (with a NULL
 i18n value).
  * The "real" field value is simply changed to the i18n value if an i18n
 record exists for that field.


  * There is one condition that keys on the locale being an array. I have
 no idea how to recreate that scenario, so I couldn't unit test it. The
 code looks like what I would expect (in fact, it looks like the change I
 made to the string locale code), but it's completely untested.
  * I'm not an i18n expert. This patch did what I expected it to do and
 what I expected it to do seems right to me, but YMMV pending review by the
 core team.

 Hopefully this will help someone else in the short term.

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