Ciao Hubert

When you copy off net you need to discard the containing "/ ... /". You 
don't need them in TW regex operators. They are normally for handing "raw 
regex" in JS which TW itself handles for you.

Here is some code ... First matches !!field that is whitespace only. Second 
matches empty !!field. Third combines both. 

<$list filter="[{!!data1}regexp[^\s+$]]" emptyMessage="{{!!data1}}">

  Field is  whitespace


<$list filter="[{!!data1}regexp[^$]]" emptyMessage="{{!!data1}}">

  Field is empty


<$list filter="[{!!data1}regexp[^\s*$]]" emptyMessage="{{!!data1}}">

  Field is empty or is whitespace


Best wishes

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