Is is possible to make text snippets context dependent? As in, only 
available when used inside parentheses or other brackets.

I'd like to do something like this in KaTeX $$ 1050 \rightarrow 1060 ~@~ 
3\degree \text{C} / \text{min}$$
and it is super annoying to always repeat the \degree \text{C} / \text{min} 
part. What I would like is to do is this: $$ 1050 \rightarrow 1060 ~@~ 
3\degC$$ and either the \degC is replaced by the aforementioned text (like 
what would happen if I'd use Autohotkey to do this) or it would just be 
left as \degC but it would show as the aforementioned text.

I know I could do  $$ ... stuff $$ {{\degC}} $$.. continue$$ but it seems 
convoluted and I'd like to know if there are other options.

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