Ciao Hans

I was skeptical when Mohammad pushed forward on using tags. 
I thought they might create a "two-tier" system that would add to the 
confusion of finding things.
I changed my mind when I saw them working. 

Tags really help find things by providing a neat way to hone searches.

FWIW, when I read other peoples threads I nowadays sometimes add (obvious) 
tags to them: it is v. easy online.

Best wishes

On Monday, 2 December 2019 23:15:06 UTC+1, HansWobbe wrote:
> @ Mohammad:
> Thanks for the very useful reminder about the "Search for messages" 
> facility.
> @ Josiah:
>    - As tags appear more frequently, I suspect "Newbies" will figure out 
>    how to use them.
>    - The same may happen for existing users who have simply over-looked 
>    the value of Tags in prior times.
>    - Email users may miss oot of edited content.  However, whenever a new 
>    post is appended, it is popped back to the top.  If people occasionally 
>    take the time to edit the "Lede" item, and add a bit of useful refined 
>    comment, then ever more polished content will result.  Don't forget there 
>    is also nothing stopping anyone from adding a Search command as a Link, to 
>    the first post (they edit within a Thread).
>       - for example: z_tag 
>       <!topicsearchin/tiddlywiki/z_tag> 
>       (which actually finds the string in both Text and Tag instances)
> Cheers,
> Hans

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