> Thanks so much for this, it is fantastic when writing complex macros and 
> wiki text, to find, highlight and *modify* a variable name and its 
> references for example.

Nope, cannot use for modification, see PMario's 

> I would like to see a method to bulk open the searched tiddlers so we can 
> then see the exact text. I will possibly make it myself using a tiddler 
> with the $:/tags/AdvancedSearch

This is the job of the "search tab" because it knows what the results are. 
For example, the results of standard search and Locator may be different, 
so I can't place a single button that opens the results because I don't 
know what are the results exactly.

> I have developed a small set of standards I would like to introduce to the 
> standard search such as allowing a system-caption on system tiddlers to be 
> searched for and listed even when contained in a system tiddler. Thus for 
> example simply typing highlight in the standard search would find 
> $:/plugins/bimlas/highlight-searched-text 
> if the plugin had a system-caption of Highlight searched text. This would 
> allow people to find the plugin they just installed with a simple search, 
> which is not possible give the standard search leaves out system tiddlers.

Sorry, but I don't quite understand. Are you asking me to set a caption for 
the plugin itself? Do I understand right? Okay, I'll do it. 

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