Here is how to reproduce simply the test. I've used an empty TW5 freshly 
downloaded from the Web site

- create tiddler "test-1" with tag "tag-1"
- create tiddler "test-2"
- in the tiddler-Manager assign "tag-1" to tiddler "test-2"
- in the tiddler-Manager un-assign "tag-1" from tiddler "test-2"
- remove completely tiddler "test-1"
- Open the tag-manager
   - There is no tag at all listed. Fine
- Open the tiddler-manager and select "test-2"
*   - The tag "tag-1" is still There*

Looks strange to me as "tag-1" is not assigned any more to any tiddler (as 
the tag manager shows). Why do we keep it in the tiddler manager ?

Thanks for your help



Le mardi 24 mars 2020 06:54:30 UTC+1, A Gloom a écrit :
> I tried ytour button and it wasn't removing the tag

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