I already did support that Mario. It would help.

I have found that unless I can automate building things like new novel buttons 
or build templates it consumes too much time.

If you look at the core buttons as an example they are not strait forward.

The tip of using a macro for the body and $(variable)$ references is a good 
one. I have a macro that converts all fields on a nominated tiddler to 
variables which would work well with this. One reason its good is all values 
are represented with the same standard, no need to choose between variable, 
field or tiddler references 

I am also keen to enable users, non tiddlywiki enthusiasts to build forms or 
templates to generate output like one may do with a mail merge so finding an 
easy template language that I feed with data from tiddlers would be nice. Like 
someone writes a letter and inserts active variables.


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