Birthe C wrote:
> Yesterday we were told that we should really be tracked via mobile data.
> That thought are not well received in the population. 

Right. It is an excellent example of tension between "collective right to 
know about you" and "individual right to control you own life".

As far as I understand it South Korea used smart phone tracking very 
effectively, alongside other surveillance, including CCTV.

However that is in a context of sharing back data. They used social media 
to alert you of local "hotspot" areas to avoid using GPS.

They developed an infrastructure for it since the previous epidemics in the 
region. I doubt other countries would have that degree of integration 

> I wonder will I be listed as a criminal for not owning a mobile?
Doubt it. Its just I would say that once government gets right to do that 
kind of "consolidated tracking" it may be very difficult to reverse.

Best wishes

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