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In one of the apartments could be a very sick person, told not to call 
> emergency before hardly breathing and lips turning blue (The message people 
> ARE getting) . How hard would it be to phone for help?

Is this really happening *not to call emergency before hardly breathing and 
lips turning blue* ? This would be stupid, although one could imagine if 
the health system is overwhelmed. The percentage of people once infected 
that, have poor outcomes is low, so for many it will not be a problem, they 
just need to be quarantined. 

In Tracking mobile phones; If you are Quarantined with the virus and a 
temporary law says you must be quarantined and you are wandering around the 
streets putting others at risk it would make sense to detect your 
activities. But of course the problem is the misuse of the technology now 
or in the future. With any surveillance issue it often comes down to the 
execution and supportive laws, unfortunately future governments can change 
the laws.

Use the words you want, Physical/Social Distancing. My point and that of 
the article is isolations and Quarantine is essential to reduce the peak in 
infection/hospitalisation, implementing isolations and Quarantine requires 
physical distancing, but as a community we must ensure social, emotional 
support for all in our society. 

Contact your elders and friends to say "Are you OK", if you are free to, 
deliver food outside someone's door, I just talked an elder through fixing 
the sound on her computer so she can receive electronic birthday wishes. 
Set up an open video connection with your children living elsewhere, or 
your grandchildren for a few hours, Call your parents daily, email people 
some entertainment, act as an advocate for someone disadvantaged and do 
some online shopping for someone without internet.

This would be a good time to introduce a "Universal Basic Income"e"
Look after yourself and people near you, dear friends

> Birthe

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