Sweet! Those both look awesome... So much TiddlyWiki, so little time. :P

Joshua Fontany

On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 1:58:46 PM UTC-7, Jed Carty wrote:
> I made these a while ago after being asked for them and forgot to actually 
> post the results.
> The Mousey plugin lets you put actions on mouse events. Click, double 
> click, right click, mouse down, mouse up, enter and leave are supported. 
> See the examples for what all that means.
> https://ooktech-tw.gitlab.io/plugins/mousey/
> The Relations plugin lets you do things like set up family trees for more 
> interesting (or if you want, non-traditional) family trees, or roads 
> between towns or any number of things. It lets you set up a graph with 
> directed or undirected edges if you want it in graph theory terms. See the 
> example for what that means.
> No, it isn't graphical.
> https://ooktech-tw.gitlab.io/plugins/relations/
> I probably have a few more things that I haven't bothered to release yet, 
> I am looking through my stuff.

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