It should be possible to start and have some results, in a fully intuitive 
way. Words such as DefaultTiddler, ShadowTiddler, and "retain story order", 
for example, need further explanation and do not meet this criterion.

For many years I have spent a lot of time preaching TiddlyWiki among my 
students and friends and they always crash at this sort of thing.

For DefaultTiddlers a favorite star icon, on the page toolbar, would add 
the tiddler title to DefaultTiddlers transparently for the new user, 
without changing anytinng for old users. GettingStarted may have the star 
initially marked. Maybe greyed. So when downloading a new TiddlyWiki, 
GettingStarted would appear. Removing the star should cause the tiddler 
title to be deleted from the DefaultTiddlers.
To do this we just need to add the Favorites button to the page toolbar, 
which will do the job. An intuitive concept.

For ShadowTiddlers and story, we only need to adopt more intuitive words, 
such as predefined tiddlers and main column tiddlers or even better ones.

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