I use TiddlyWiki (basic Vanilla theme) with Qinoid on my smartphone all day 

Quite some time ago I made my edit toolbar stay at the top of my screen by 
putting this in a tiddler (tagged with $:/tags/Stylesheet)  

.tc-tiddler-edit-title { position:fixed; top:0px; left:0; right:0; padding:3px; 
background-color: pink; } 

It wasn't as pretty as the j.d.mono.tiddlyspot.com edit toolbar (which I would 
love to copy but I gave up after a few hours trying to get hints from his code) 
but at least my edit toolbar stuck to the top of the screen, permenently on top 
of everything. 

The problem is that after finally upgrading to 5.1.22 (from 5.1.19) about a 
week ago, my fixed position edit toolbar dissappears when I scroll away from 
the tiddler I'm working on, and only reappears every time the gap between 
tiddlers passes over it. It's like it's on a layer beneath the tiddlers and you 
can only catch glimpses through the gaps. 

Any hints on how to keep it on top? 

Then this morning (inspired by jd mono) I decided to try and stick my page 
controls toolbar to the top of my screen as well (because I write enough to 
force me to scroll for miles just to get back to the controls, all that 
scrolling is what I am trying to cut out) by adding... 

.tc-page-controls { position:fixed; top:0px; left:0; right:0; padding:1px; 
background-color: white;  } 

... to the same stylesheet. 

Now the page toolbar and the edit toolbar sort of overlap each other up at the 
top of the screen and both of them dissappear under tiddlers that are scrolled 
over them.

I figured out that I could add top:60(or so)px to the edit toolbar to push it 
down below the page toolbar. 

However, the page toolbar seems to maintain a permanent 10px? gap between 
itself and the top of the screen, when I would like it to be flush with the top 
of the screen. 

And they both still dissappear under scrolling tiddlers. 


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