That's so useful!

I tend to do a lot of field editing from other tiddlers though (for 
example, using TiddlyTables, directly in the cells).
Would love for values to be suggested there as well...

Any chance this can be implemented to work in any place where that field 
can be edited?

On Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 5:53:55 PM UTC+1, Mat wrote:
> *TWaddle Global Enterprises Incorporated Limited International Multisuper* 
> presents 
> the...
> field value selector <>
> a drop down to select *field value* when creating new field
> This is just a *small* tool for *wikitext developers*. Not very sexy for 
> the general user.
> Similar to the "new field name" dropdown, this shows a dropdown listing 
> existing *field values* for that field name.
> The incentive to create this was the *list-before* and *list-after* 
> fields - it is frustratingly impossible to remember the title names to fill 
> in. In the process of solving this, I made the dropdown general to handle 
> values for all fields.
> This does NOT overwrite any shadow tids - but the cost is that the little 
> arrow appears below the "new field" area, rather than integrated into it.
> <:-)

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