@David Gifford and @Cyrill

OK, after having had a look at Cyrills file, I note that the core shadow 
tiddler $:/core/ui/EditTemplate/fields is modified in... is it called 
Stroll or Roam (sorry). That core tiddler was updated in October last year (
but Stroll/Roam seems to use the older version and possibly with some other 
customizations (I didn't search).

If this tiddler is deleted, then the core version of it is restored 
automatically, and fieldvalueselector works. But then any mods critical for 
Stroll/Roam are of course lost *IF *there in deed are any. That is 
hopefully something @David can answer - otherwise you (@Cyrill) can 
investigate any differences between the Stroll/Roam version of that tiddler 
and the updated core version. FieldValueSelector uses the
<<newFieldNameTiddler>> instead of the old $:/temp/newfieldname so that is 
the only difference that I can tell is problematic for sure.


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