I enjoyed the video

Great to see and hear being done what I imagined could be done. I was a DND 
play when in high school and University.

The ad hoc or extensible database that can develop overtime is I believe a 
key feature of tiddlywiki. With DND you could even build virtual 
multi-sided dice and other things needed. 

TiddlyMap shows that tiddlywiki is not wanting for features.


On Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 4:47:19 PM UTC+10, Saq Imtiaz wrote:
> I feel like this is a more common use case than one first realizes, there 
> have been regular posts and questions about usage for running role playing 
> games since the days of TWC.
> The combination of TiddlyMap and images could be translated back to our 
> own world. Use a world map or portion there of, to map/plan trips or keep a 
> visual travel log. Add in KML/KMZ support and the combination could be 
> powerful.
> On Monday, June 29, 2020 at 2:04:24 PM UTC+2, Jeremy Ruston wrote:
>> TiddlyWiki Hangout #107 is now out, with special guests Matt Lauber and 
>> Reece Shaw:
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Imx-EzCOWGc
>> Matt and Reece show how they use TiddlyWiki to run tabletop Dungeons and 
>> Dragons games, demonstrating some interesting techniques, including a novel 
>> integration with TiddlyMap, handling lots of custom data, and performing 
>> arithmetic on custom calendars for Earth-like planets. It’s a fascinating 
>> journey whether or not you know anything about D&D.
>> Unfortunately, we suffered some frustrating technical problems, resulting 
>> in some audio dropouts, and the loss of video for the last few minutes. My 
>> apologies. I’m shortly recording the next hangout with David Gifford with 
>> hopefully improved technology!
>> My thanks again to Matt and Reece,
>> Best wishes
>> Jeremy.

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