I've been asked HOW to read the Spiritual Quest TW ebook "offline"
It's very easy - here's a quick Guide for iphone - 
    *bit.ly* <http://bit.ly>*/TWOffline <http://bit.ly/TWOffline>*
similar applies to Android devices ...
( Note - this free version for evaluation has been prepared specifically 
so you'll need to search for firefox / chrome / safaro desktop equivalents 
.... if viewing that way - 


Enjoy the TW ebook on your iphone and see how well that works - an how well 
the TW ebook is rendered on a small screen

John Newell

On Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 1:05:57 PM UTC+10, John Newell wrote:
> Hello to the wider tiddlywiki community - and thanks to the many who have 
> helped in various ways.
> The EPUB version is now selling and the TW5 version will be hot on its 
> heels after a get a few "kinks" ironed out
> In the meantime - here's TW version - https://payhip.com/b/JLBv
> The (finalised ) ePUB version - for comparison etc - here at a nominal 
> price https://payhip.com/b/jVTJ 
> ===========================================
> Here are the differences & advantages TW ebooks provide
> over the ePUB format ... and of course PDF.
> https://socialas.padlet.org/socialasadmin/15dqxublw2jf
> ===========================================
> The Spiritual Quest ePUB content is "almost" exactly the same as that of 
> the TW ebook - 
> but with TWebook  the delivery, navigation ( & navigability ) , imagery, 
> readability, tag links etc 
> all create a very different reading experience
> ( and audio playing WITHIN the TW version ) - 
> *need to be internet connected for that to be active.....There is ALSO a 
> bunch of LIVE PAGES in the final edit that present new and extended content 
> c/- embeds that look better also in TW5*
> Feedback welcome
> cheers and thanks - John Newell ( on behalf of my beautiful wife, the 
> author - Sandy Lee )

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