Twederation is coming by. Nevertheless, I feel a normal user needs to know 
about TiddlyWiki from some place. I personally learned about it in a reddit 
discussion, far below in a obscure comment while searching for a cross 
platform note taking application. 

Reddit has a appealing user base. I do not see why such a platform ought 
not be used to tell more people about tiddlywiki. A subreddit has been 
created with a basic sidebar and a Wiki with links to major resources 
relating to tiddlywiki,

There is already another subreddit. But that is dead beyond revival. The 
moderator can't be reached either. 

At worst, it will act as a repository of interesting tiddlywikis generated 
by existing users.

If you are an existing reddit user with a Karma above 500 pts or if you are 
an active developer of tiddlywiki, I would be more than happy to share the 
moderater privileges. 

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