On Monday, September 12, 2016 at 4:39:57 AM UTC-4, Jeremy Ruston wrote:
> Hi Zaphod
> Try this:
> <$list filter="[<currentTiddler>has[posters]] [<currentTiddler>
> has[lobbycards]] [<currentTiddler>has[disccovers]] 
> [<currentTiddler>has[misc]] 
> +[limit[1]]">
> <div style="Container">
> <$transclude tiddler="$:/_Layout_ButtonSection3"/>
> </div>
> </$list>
Thank You so much, Jeremy - That did the trick nicely :)

*PMario said:*

> There are always several methods to achieve something in TW. Using the 
> list widget as you do here is one of them.
> IMO the $reveal widget in combination with the tw transclude mechanism and 
> the transclude widget would be a better fit here. 
> But this is my impression having a very fast view at the problem. So I'd 
> need to do some experiments - later today - to be sure.
I'm always open to new suggestions from those that know more than me 
(which, when it comes to TW, includes just about everyone! :-P ).


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