@Ste :  Glad you liked it.  If you need to change description of your TW or 
have another TW you would like to see on the list, drop a message. This 
goes for everyone who bothers to read this message.

The work of the reddit wiki page is not complete. I got to dedicate a 
separate page to each of those topics. I do not intend it to be a list, for 
I see a great many people have already dedicated considerable time and 
effort to such a thing in several places. i'd rather it be a list of those 
lists, plus adding the additional ones as and when they come along. 

Those of you who know this community for a lot more time than I do could 
point me to the Wikis and resources I wouldn't come across otherwise  I 
guess, If they would rather edit the Wiki themselves, I am up for that too.

@Mark - Thank you!!. Consider it as me giving back to the community in my 
own way, I belive the non-coders, if they have no intention to take up 
coding,  should take up the mantle of such efforts so that those who code 
will be left free to do what they do best. After all, everyone is deriving 
benefits from this community, doesn't hurt paying back at times. 

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