My little robot has gone off into the world by itself, so I have time to 
spend on tiddlywiki development again. Currently I have done nothing of 
value for TWederation in the past month. So that update is easy.

I am going to put this here so hopefully people will actually read it: This 
is beta software, if you try to use it without reading the small amount of 
documentation than it probably won't work. If you try to make something 
using it and don't look at and understand the code first it probably won't 
work. If you modify nothing and try to make it do something other than the 
simple things I mention than it probably won't work. This is the version 
where I removed almost all the sarcasm.

I split the basic mechanism I use for inter-wiki communication into its own 
plugin here <>, if you want 
to use the mechanism that is what you need to look at and use.

There are two plugins there, Federation-core which is just the back-end 
part, if you put that in a wiki than other wikis can pull content from it. 
It doesn't have anything else.
Federation-tools are some very basic tools to make fetching content from 
another wiki that has the Federation-core plugin easier. There isn't really 
anything in the way of documentation so if you want to make something you 
will have to look at the code.

TWederation is built on top of what is in the Federation-core plugin, I am 
still working on refactoring everything in the twederation plugins to make 
future development easier. I hope to have the new versions up later today.

A very important note:

This is not the only way to make federated tiddlywikis! This is the way 
that I have worked out with a lot of help from other people (most notably 
Jeremy and Mat) that doesn't require anything other than a simple file 
server for the wikis on the network. I originally made this so that I could 
connect multiple wikis on my computer together and it expanded into 
something online. There are some important limits on what it can do and I 
don't think that this will ever be able to support large networks. If I 
manage to create a working community of 100 connected wikis I will be a bit 
surprised. Most of the problems when it comes to scale are due to 
performance issues. I think that for larger groups we can overcome some of 
these problems and retain a distributed structure by allowing multiple 
technologies. Once I have the basic TWederation system working well I am 
hoping to incorporate the work that Danielo has done with PouchDb (see 
NoteSelf <>) to allow for larger distributed 

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