Hello Everyone,

It's been a couple of weeks since the last update, but that does not mean 
that I haven't been working on NoteSelf, in fact I worked on it very hard 
these last two weeks. 
I spent an entire week on planification, re-thinking the tool and sketching 
a big refactoring of several parts of the core. It's been a pleasant 
experience that enriched me a lot. I discovered that spending enough time 
on planification you can be far more productive when coding.

So, what is the more noticeable new feature?? PLUGINS!
Everyone loves Tiddlywiki's plugin architecture. It allows us to extend our 
favourite wiki in ways that goes beyond imagination. It was very sad that 
you can not enjoy such power on NoteSelf without going through the hassle 
of downloading the file. It also killed a bit the point of the online 
version, which you can use anywhere , but without any plugin support it 
felt like an incomplete experience. 
Not anymore!
You can now install plugins on your online instance and they will be 
available after a simple page refresh, how awesome is that?

It's been a big challenge because plugins needs to be unpacked by $tw 
before any plugin can boot, and since NoteSelf stores all the information 
using tiddlypouch plugin I reached the typical "Chicken or the egg" 
dilemma.  After trying all the approaches that I could think about the 
solution became like a mixture of both and easier than I expected.

The recommended way of installing plugins is through the plugin library, 
which is a subset of Tiddlywiki's official library. I have removed all the 
plugins that I don't consider safe to use along with NoteSelf, and I tried 
a couple of the available ones.

I expect some bugs and errors to appear, so It's worth to say that I don't 
expect anyone going crazy and installing all the possible plugins on their 
important-stuff wikis. The recommended path is to create a new notebook and 
test the plugins there. I just tested a couple of plugins, so I can't 
guarantee that your favourite plugin will work.

I have also included a process to "update" existing databases to the new 
architecture. This happens when the wiki boots and can cause errors, but 
usually a page refresh is enough to get a correct boot.

I also updated the main page to reflect this new feature:


Your feedback and bug reports is always welcome. Hope you enjoy the new 

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