I figured out how to filter through a list using a field and <$edit-text>, 
but now I want to do the same thing using a template.

Here is my working non-template example:

Tiddler Title: blah1
\define thisList()

<$list filter="[{!!title}tagging[]$(thefilter)$]">

<$set name="thefilter" value={{!!dasfilter}}>

field: dasfilter: tag[blah2]

In another tiddler..and when I type in this the list in blah1
updates to reflect the changes....because of this:

TagFilter <$edit-text tiddler="blah1" field="dasfilter"/>


Now I have an existing template and sub template such as follows where I'm 
trying to do the same thing:

Tiddler Title: meTemplate
Company: <$view field="company"/><br/>: 
Title: <$view field="title"/><br/>
Time Period: <$view field="startdate"/>-<$view field="enddate"/> <br/>
Location: <$view field="location"/> <br/>

~TagFilter: <$edit-text tiddler="DutiesFiltered" field="dasfilter"/>


Tiddler Title: DutiesFiltered
\define showDuty()
<$list filter="[{!!title}tagging[]$(thefilter)$]">


<$set name="thefilter" value={{!!dasfilter}}>

field: dasfilter: tag[people-skills]

...and then to use both templates I'll use a tiddler like:

Tiddler Title: SeveralOfThese
field: company: Someplace
field: enddate: somedate
field: jobtitle: somejob
field: location: someplace
field: startdate: someotherdate

But I don't seem to be able to replicate the functionality of adding 
tag[sometag]tag[someothertag] to my searchbox so that I can find only the 
duties I'm looking for in the template / sub template.

Is there some way of doing this?

Thank you, 
    Andrew J. Leer

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