>Great stuff there!

>Glad you got plugins working in your custom server-side.
It is a client-server architecture, but in fact everything runs on the client 
side. If I've been unclear about it then I should make a better effort on 

>Out of curiosity, is the "NoteSelf-core" a kind of self-updating plugin?
Not actually. As I said, everything runs on client side, that included the 
database. Database is persistent, it does not matter how many times you updates 
your plugin. There are some special structures inside the database that have 
changed on the latest release, so in order to avoid leaving unused stuff on the 
client database I have to make some checks to make sure that only the required 
structures (aka indexes) exists. 

>In other words, how does one update NoteSelf?
Just use it. Noteself is not a plugin but an edition. 

>Anyone wants to play with further plugins,
feel free to include my library:

May I include your plugin library as one of the plugins listed on the default 
plugin library? 

>...and perhaps test for any incompatibilities w/ NoteSelf,not that I would be 
>expecting any.

Me neither, but who knows... 

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