After a very long pause I'm using TiddlyWiki again.

And now I came across this "puzzle" which you might be able to solve.

Background: I have a long list of issues which are documented as tiddlers. 

Some of the issues are related to tickets and now I want to add a link to 
these tickets in my issue-tiddlers.

My idea was to do it similar this:

1. a tiddler called "related"

related issues
  <$list filter="[list[!!title]]">
    <li><$view field="title"/></li>

2. add this to an issue-tiddler


This works fine - as long as I also have a tiddler called "Ticket-001". The 
issue here is this piece of code filter="[list[!!title]]"

It simply relies on the tiddler to exist. An non-existent tiddler does not 
have a title field.

So as long as just one ticket is related, I could help myself by simply 
creating a tiddler for each ticket, which isn't too bad, as I already have 
that for most of the tickets.

But now the fun part starts.

I want to relate to more than one ticket. So I introduced

{{Ticket-08 Ticket-15||related}}

It took me a while to figure out why this failed, despite the fact, that 
both Ticket-tiddlers exist.

It's simply that there is no tiddler "Ticket-08 Ticket-15" :(

So what would be YOUR way of solving this conundrum?

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