Hi Farayi,

I'd recommend casting your ideas into clear (functional) "requirements" as 
in "With respect to *foo*, we want our *Family Information Thing* to do 
*bar* so that we can *mumble* because *frotz*" and possibly (but not 
necessarily) respective ideas for (technical) solutions as to how to make 
the idea work.

I'd start by creating a TiddlyWiki that, first and foremost, serves as a 
Notebook or manual with tiddlers like:

   - *About *Contacts (*About *Family, *About *Friends)
   - *About *Places
   - *About *Health
   - About Education
   - About Career
   - About Possessions (About Houses, About Vehicles, About Inventory)
   - About Community
   - About Documents
   - About Memories
   - About Birthdays
   - About Activityíes

And then you document in each of those precisely what type of information 
you wish to save alongside records of each kind, whereas a respective 
record would have the respective tag, e.g. *Contact*.

In a second step, think about where you want to store that related 
information, e.g.:

   - in tags
      - for modeling a hierarchy
   - in fields or list fields, if you want to
      - later retrieve stuff in lists
      - show things conditionally
   - in related tiddlers, incl. DataTiddlers
      - for when you don't want to overload a given tiddler
      - or when that information / detail is really more of a technical, 
      configuration type
   - in sub-tiddlers
      - i.e. those that have that tiddler as a tag
The actual records, I would then tag as:

   - Contact (Family, Friend)
   - Place
   - Health
   - Education
   - Career
   - Possession (House, Vehicle, Inventory)
   - Community
   - Document
   - Memory
   - Birthday
   - Activity

I would conceptualize this Family Thing in the most organic manner 
possible. You can pre-define all those category tags, but not necessarily. 
Create, design and define them as you go, as you try to create records for 

If you want to make cross-lists, you could use something like tobibeer/xlist 
<http://tobibeer.github.io/tw5-xlist/#Welcome> to create tiddlers like:

   - Birthday Memories
   - Health Documents
   - Contact Memories
   - Community Activities
   - etc...

Perhaps use some approach that involves prefixes, e.g.

   - *#* for *status*
   *e.g. #next, #future, #waiting*
   - *@* for *contexts*
   *e.g. @vacation, @call, @write, @vacation*
   - *$* for *projects statuses*
   *e.g. $active, $someday, $maybe*
   - *&* for *contact categories*
   *e.g. $family, $friends, $professionals*
   - *!* for *priorities*
   *e.g. !high, !medium, !low*
   - *whatever *you like, *really*
   *those prefixes help you quickly find stuff*

Each category item should have the category as it's tag, e.g. *@buy* should 
have *Context* as a tag and *About Context* would be tagged *About* and 
explain what a *Context* is and how to work with one´in a tiddler... or 
link to interesting list-tiddlers involving contexts.

For example, you would tag, *Caren Miller*, your theoretical sister, with 
*$family*, and then a tiddler called *Caren's Birthday 2016* tagged *#next*
 and *Activity* and then have a tiddler *2016 Hawai* *Summer Holidays *tagged 
*@vacation* but also *Caren's Birthday 2016*, because you will celebrate 
her birthday that year in Haway, etc...

To cut that long story short, start filling your own Family Information 
Thing with life. And if you later feel like it's such a great thing that 
you wish to share it, abstract and refine some prototype for it into that 
Family Information Edition. Keep in mind that everyone may have their own 
preferences and categories to work with. So, it could really just be an 
instruction manual that writes in simple terms "How to make a great Family 
Information Thingy with TiddlyWiki." ...rather than a full blown thing with 
all your personal preferences as to how you would display what.

And whenever you're stuck with an idea, try to spell it out in the most 
simple, clearly defined terms, each one in its own thread in the groups, 

   - *As*
   - *A I want...*
   - *B so that*
   - *C because*
   - *D and I tried*
   - *E but somehow*
   - *F isn't working and* *here's*
   - *G to demonstrate the problem*

Something like that. ;-)

Best wishes,


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