Very interesting! Here is my variant. I added a class, so titles are only 
numbered when inside an element with class="nr" (e.g. <div class="nr"> 
!Title </div>). This does not affect other tiddlers, they keep standard 
titles. And I made some similar corrections like Philippe mentioned before, 
I guess.

Thanks a lot and happy numbering!
Thomas .nr, .nr {
   counter-reset: h1counter;
} .nr h1, .nr h1 {
   counter-increment: h1counter;
   counter-reset: h2counter;
} .nr h2, .nr h2 {
   counter-increment: h2counter;
   counter-reset: h3counter;
} .nr h1::before, .nr 
   content: counter(h1counter) ".\0000a0\0000a0";
} .nr h2::before, .nr 
   content: counter(h1counter)"."counter(h2counter) ".\0000a0\0000a0";
} .nr h3::before, .nr 
   content: counter(h1counter)"."counter(h2counter) "." counter(h3counter) 
   counter-increment: h3counter;

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