Thanks for the replies - yes, I've definitely found that closing other 
browser tabs makes a big difference, so as suggested, I've got the TW open 
in a single tab in Firefox whilst Chrome is open for other stuff.


On Monday, 10 October 2016 17:53:10 UTC+1, Tobias Beer wrote:
> Hi Jon,
> Afaik, there is a "refresh" delay for each keypress only after which 
> TiddlyWiki goes to fetch results.
> If there isn't such a delay, then this needs to be implemented immediately.
> There's this ticket, but I'm almost certain it is more or less unresolved:
> *refresh delay for text input fields*
> Anyway, are you slow typing your search keywords,
> or rather: are you able to type fast enough w/o TiddlyWiki
> busily hasting into a search for "a"?
> I find it an impossibility that TiddlyWiki would do a search on a single 
> letter,
> For me, there needs to be an ability to say:
> no search for less than x letters.
> Best wishes,
> Tobias.

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