This is for the GTD version of TW.

At the risk of sounding like I want to use Actions as though they were 
Ticklers (which I almost am), if I define a date in Due Date, I would like 
to create a review tiddler that lists all actions with a Due Date that is 5 
days from now or sooner.  In other words, the Due Date indicates that it is 
due within the next 5 days.  (Or past due.)

To get a list of all Action items with a Due Date, I put this within a 

But that is all Action items with a Due date.  I don't want Action items 
with a Due date more than 5 days out.
So, I want is to be able to include a line that reads something like this:
     where:tiddler.fields.mgtd_date < today + 5

I've tried everything I can think of, and nothing works.  Yes, I could 
convert the Action to a Tiddler, but if you can't do something like this, 
then what's the purpose behind being able to set a Due Date for an Action 


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