Hegart, so sorry to hear of your challenges, and looking forward to future 
interaction! We will revive/rerun DesignWrite in Spring 2017. Be in touch! 

On Monday, October 3, 2016 at 2:32:14 PM UTC-4, Hegart Dmishiv wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sorry to have been away from all the action here for so long. I've had a 
> very challenging past few months. Spent much of that time in hospital after 
> multiple seizures and a major heart attack. I'm slowly getting back into 
> life again now, and catching up with what's been going on here. I see a few 
> new TW5 releases have come out while I've been away, with some great new 
> features finalised, particularly those which I was fortunate enough to have 
> had a preview of during the latter part of the *{{DesignWrite}}* course. 
> Great to see those now are part of the main TW5 code.
> I'm taking things very slowly here still, as my health has taken a serious 
> knock, and I'm not quite up to speed with some of the Tiddly-tricks I knew 
> before May 2016. I could probably benefit from a refresher course in using 
> TW, haha. I'm very disappointed to hear of the demise of hosting from 
> Dropbox 
> <https://groups.google.com/d/msg/TiddlyWiki/Zdzz_vb6h84/r_fcd-8TCAAJ>, 
> which I was making a lot of use of. However, those here who remember me 
> from my earlier involvement with the project may recall that my main usage 
> of TiddlyWiki is offline, for a project similar to *@Farayi*'s Family 
> Management Information System 
> <https://groups.google.com/d/msg/TiddlyWiki/kemMR4takO0/2euDMXsdDgAJ>, so 
> I'm excited to see that, and will no doubt learn a lot from watching that 
> space. It's also great to see the Fediverse is still progressing *@Jed* 
> and *@Mat*. I did read the sombre comment about losing interest in it, 
> but I'd encourage you to keep it going. My own use-case is strange, 
> because, as I say, my main reason for using TiddlyWiki is for an offline, 
> personal information management (PIM), but I've also been involved in 
> wider, online Tiddly-activity which is completely unrelated to my primary 
> use-case. As my health improves over time I intend to pick up more of where 
> I left off from the first half of this year. For now though, I need to 
> re-learn some of the basics. I intend to completely restart my PIM wiki 
> from scratch, and integrate more of the tricks I learned during 
> *{{DesignWrite}}*.
> Anyway, that's enough twaddle from me for now, I just wanted to let 
> everyone know that I'm still here, still alive and kicking.
> *Hegart Dmishiv*.

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