That fixes one of the problems and now it works but it appears that the 
date would be constantly changing over time because the macro but not the 
generated date is getting transferred to the New Tiddler.

I'm trying to have the date macro run upon New Tiddler creation where the 
date, but not the macro itself, is contained within the New Tiddler.

The example below does this:

But I can't get the date generated when there is other text contained 
within the example.  I was exploring using several lines to see if I could 
get that to work because I want to be able to place header text and footer 
text on the New Tiddler.  I fixed the string wrapping problem like you 
suggested but now the macro itself gets transferred to the New Tiddler's 
content instead of the generated date. 

Anyone know how to get the now macro to run on New Tiddler creation when 
there is other text surrounding it?  Specifically if that text contains 
transclusion content like my *{{PageFooter}}* section.  I would like to 
know how to get the *now* macro to run immediately but not the PageFooter 
transclusion which needs to have transclusion happen later upon viewing.  I 
want the footer to be dynamic but have the date generated just that one 

Any one have a suggestion?

On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 3:57:31 PM UTC-5, Tobias Beer wrote:
> Hi Douglas,
> Try to wrap your text field in either """ or '
> Best wishes,
> Tobias.

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