Hi all:
I had a hard time finding this either in tiddlywiki documentation or this 
group, so Im posting this in case its helpful or someone decides to post it 
to the main Tiddlywiki documentation.

I wanted to dynamically create a new tiddler which text should come from a 
list of combo-boxes, but I couldnt find the way to mix all the variables 
into the resulting tiddliwiky tiddler.

I asked a very skilled friend of mine and he came with this solution that I 
would have never imagined or found:

<$select field='letter'>
<option><$action-setfield letter/>A</option>
<option><$action-setfield letter/>B</option>
<option><$action-setfield letter/>C</option>

<$select field='number'>
<option><$action-setfield number/>1</option>
<option><$action-setfield number/>2</option>
<option><$action-setfield number/>3</option>

<$action-setfield $tiddler="Mixing variables examples" tags='mixed_vars' 
aaa={{!!number}} bbb={{!!letter}} $value="{{!!aaa}} {{!!bbb}}"/>

The key is the following part, in which current tiddler variables are 
evaluated into the ones that are evaluated again when the new tiddler is 
aaa={{!!number}} bbb={{!!letter}}

This solution is super simple, fast, and requires no macros.

Best regards!

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