Hello Brian,

Thank you very much for your very detailed and extensive review of my 
application. It is very valuablr feedback because you have tested a lot of 
scenarios that I didn't think about.

As you deducted most of the problems are tied to how tiddlywiki manages 
things internally and are not NoteSelf specific. Anyway, I'll try to 
comment all your points.

El sábado, 8 de octubre de 2016, 5:01:37 (UTC+2), brian....@gmail.com 
>    1. *Feedback on import progress* - I used the browse widget to select 
>    a tiddlywiki file with over 1000 tiddlers and it wasn't easy to tell that 
>    the import was still in progress. Not realizing it was still in progress, 
> I 
>    refreshed the page only to discover after careful inspection that the 
>    import was incomplete. Finally I learned I could tell the import was 
>    complete in one of two ways
>    1. During the import the save button stays solid red and it loses the 
>       color once the import is complete
>       2. Open the javascript console and wait for the import messages to 
>       stop
> That is definitely a very desirable feature. I think that tiddlywiki 
triggers an specific message when an import is performed, maybe I could 
intercept such message and make a more performant batch import with some UI 

>    1. *importvariables widget* doesn't work unless all the tiddlers being 
>    imported are opened manually ahead of time
> That is probably an issue related to skinny tiddlers. If the variables are 
defined inside the text field they are not loaded unless the text field is 
required. I think this should be fixed by TW. Just to be curious, what 
problems does this cause to you?

>    1. *Drafts* - directly opening a draft is empty. "Directly opening a 
>    draft" happens when you have a tiddler in draft mode (and it gets saved 
>    that way) and then you refresh the browser. Steps to reproduce:
> I'm aware of this issue. I'm not sure why is this happening instead of 
displaying the draft for editing. In any case, if you edit the draft you 
will see there your content so not actual data loss is happening.

>    - For some reason (probably a good reason), having a shadow version of 
>       a tiddler causes a periodic scan (20-30 seconds maybe?) into pouchdb 
> for 
>       changes.
> What actually happens is that tiddlywiki makes a periodic scan of all the 
tiddlers that were lazy-loaded, not only shadow ones. Because you override 
a shadow tiddler, this creates a regular tiddler that is a copy of the 
shadow one and has higher preference. That's why TW asks for it again and 
again. I'm not sure how to prevent this.

>    1. *Having lots of tiddlers loaded really slows things down* - with my 
>    >1000 tiddler TW instance it became very slow if all the tiddlers get 
>    loaded. For example, if I hit the save button in order to get a json 
> export 
>    of the TW, that would cause all the tiddlers to be loaded. It would also 
>    cause >1000 periodic scans to pouchdb for changes to these tiddlers. I 
>    would have to refresh the browser page after exporting to json in order to 
>    not suffer slowdowns.
> This is definitely a problem of how TW is designed. There is no 
optimization in how tiddlers are treated as a whole, every tiddler is 
treated individually, every time something changes the entire store is 
scanned, every keystroke triggers a re-load of the entire UI... those small 
things does not matter when you have a few hundred of tiddlers, but when 
you have a massive amount of them everything becomes slow and clumsy. 
Probably TW is not a good choice for big collections of data.

>    1. *Manual load of any tiddler required before accessing anything 
>    other than title field*. This affects
>    1. Search can only match on titles
>       2. Any list filters matching against fields other than title field. 
>       I have several pieces of custom functionality which use such filters
> That is actually not true. Search can match titles and tags and you can 
tune it to match agains any field you want. For example, you can define a 
summary field that is included on search too. You should not have any 
problem with fields because all fields except the text field are loaded as 
part of the skinny version.

>    1. *Export from search broken* - I decided to move my changes back 
>    into a non-pouchdb TW, but found the menu which allows export to .csv, 
>    .json, .tid, etc. was broken. Instead of downloading the results of the 
>    search in the requested format, the entire TW was downloaded only in json 
>    format. Seemed like the export was taking the same functionality as the 
>    Save button in the sidebar. I ended up dragging the tiddlers one-by-one 
>    into the other TW instance. Only a dozen or so, so it wasn't too bad.
> Yes, you're right. The JSON DB saver was a quick fix and a quick release 
to include the export functionality. I have to take in account the type of 
export that is being performed and delegate the logic to another saver or 
just download the provided content. 

 This was a fun experiment...thanks for sharing your work.

Thank you for your review and for trying Noteself. Hope you enjoyed and 
maybe you decide to use it some time in the future.


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