Oops, looks like I wasn't completely clear.  The issue isn't links inside 
`{{NPC $number$!!name}}` but rather inside something like <$link to 
"...">Talking with <<npc 13>></$link>

So, I want it to be a link if the macro is called outside a <$link> block, 
but not inside.

On Friday, October 14, 2016 at 2:48:11 PM UTC-4, Tobias Beer wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
>> \define npc(number) <$link to="NPC $number$">{{NPC $number$!!name}}</
>> $link>
> Try:
> \define npc(number) <$link to="NPC $number$"><$text text={{NPC $number$!!
> name}}/></$link>
> Best wishes,
> Tobias. 

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