Hi Matthew,

So, you're saying that your text reference actually points to another link 
widget, so when that is replaced:

<$link to="foo">{{SomeTiddler!!reference}}</$link>

you end up with something like:

<$link to="foo">bar <$link to="baz">mumble frotz</$link> gronk</$link>


I would think you're you're not properly using your fields if that's your 
e.g. like transcluding an entire tiddler in a link widget.

If TiddlyWiki ends up having you click the link in the link
then it's actually doing what it's supposed to.

The only way out would be if the $link widget had some attribute like:

<$link greedy="yes">if there is some click handler in here, it should never 

But that sounds like a lot of work for something you may want to rethink in 
the first place.

What's wrong about using the $text widget in your case?

Best wishes,


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